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5 Ceilings Inspirations For Stylish Rooms

While decorating a room, an often-overlooked element is the ceiling. But what better way to top off a design plan than making an impact in an unexpected way? Using a few trendy ideas, treating ceilings can cover imperfections in older homes, provide added height to short ceilings, or create a highly unusual focal point.

Decorating a ceiling can transform a room from ordinary into extraordinary.

A room with a high, formal ceiling can feel cozier when painted a warm or dark color. Lighter ceiling paint shades visually enlarge a space, as do patterns or colors similar to those on walls. When creating an inspiring ceiling, keep scale and proportion in mind — save the large scaled patterns for oversize rooms, and the dainty tiles or textures for tiny spaces.


Silver Leaf Ceiling

Silver leaf and wood trim converts this traditional bedroom into an architectural work of art!  The medallion and chandelier add to the graceful feeling of this private sanctuary.


Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceiling treated with grass cloth inserts, contrasting trim are brightened by puck lighting on the crossbeams.


Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling Medallion

A star medallion centered over a hand-painted framed section of this ceiling may be a bit extravagant for our tastes, but what else could you use to reflect your own personal style?

Wandering through a flea market or antique shops might give you just the inspiration you need!



Wood is yet another way to create a warm dramatic look to an otherwise elongated space. It adds warmth to this otherwise cool environment.

Wallpapered Ceiling

This otherwise ordinary office was given a ceiling treatment of Anaglypta (embossed) wallpaper, and then hand painted with a copper glaze to give the appearance of a copper ceiling. Crown molding was added to finished it off and hide the edges of the wallpaper.

When you begin your next decorating project, begin by looking up! What ceiling treatment will you incorporate as an unexpected design surprise?

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