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Basic Fundamentals of A Well-Designed Room

Floor Plan

While planning a space there are many things to consider to enable a flow of traffic, comfortable seating, sufficient lighting and a good conversation areas.  Below is my list for you to use when decorating or remodeling your next room.

  • The function on the room
    • What is the room used for?
      • TV viewing
      • Family gathering
      • Bedroom
      • Office
    • Who will be using the room?
      • Children
      • Adults
      • Guests
    • What feeling do you want the space to exude?
    • Are there windows in the room to allow for natural light?
    • Allowing for traffic flow
    • Create a cohesive, balanced space

Notice in our floor plan how we created a conversation-inspiring seat arrangement?  Makes the room very inviting, doesn’t it?  By centering the sofa in the space, balanced by the TV on the opposite wall and flanking the sofa with more seating, symmetry was created.  This cozy room is not only balanced, but warm and inviting.  Consider my tips for your next decorating project.   Or Call one of our designers today to set a free 1 hour consultation.

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