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Discovering Your Personal Decorating Style

Deb Goetz - Fine Furnishings and Accessories


Deb Goetz - Fine Furnishings and Accessories




With so many decorating style categories trending today, how do we know which style we fit into?

We may believe that we don’t have a style, and don’t know how to create our style, but I’ll bet you have a good start right now in your own home. We all make furniture and accessory purchases based on what we like, right? We choose the furniture and pillow fabrics because we love the colors and patterns. We dress our walls with art pieces that speak to us personally. The same holds true for light fixtures, window treatments, accessories, etc.

So the basis for establishing our own personal style, and I call it ‘personal style’ because we no longer need to decorate by the book. Decorating is all over the board right now, leaving many decorating decisions up to the owner of the space. The key is to purchase and/or use what you already love, and make all of the piece play well together.

So does your furniture play well with others? At this point, I’m guessing not or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. So how do you bring it all together?  Study photos in design magazines,, and the internet, noticing what others did; what textures did they mix? what color palette was used?  What about the room do you simply love?

Start there.  Before I was a designer, I studied a room in a magazine, using everything in the photo as an inspiration for my first project.  It worked!  Trust your gut, go with what you love, and create the magic!

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