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Deb Goetz

"For me, interior design is not simply turning a house into a home, or an office into a better place to do business. My motivation through interior design is to create spaces that heal hearts and souls on a level that was previously unexpected. Through correct color choices and space planning, my clients’ spaces become sanctuaries – places that they love returning to time and time again." - Deb Goetz


Since 1986 Debrah has worked as a traditional, mainstream interior designer. Over the years, she has experienced a steady, constant spiritual awakening, which caused her to question her approach to her work. The answer to her questioning came through an inspiration for The Art Of Sanctification, which is her own unique, intuitive, modern-day form of Feng Shui. Her inspiration caused a shift in her approach to design from trendy, by-the-book decorating to her own heart-centered, intuitive approach which causes harmonic balance to occur between her clients and their environments.

Debrah is an energy healer. She feels the energy of her clients through their central nervous systems. Many clients have areas that are blocked. Our environments also have central nervous systems; they speak their own language and Debrah hears it. She senses the way the space wants to be treated, honoring what it tells her; where to place a specific piece of furniture or changing the color of the space based on her client’s soul’s code, and their energetic system. In this way, harmonic balance is created between the client and their space, resulting in greater health, joy and sense of wellbeing to each person occupying that environment.


“Our surroundings affect us on a much deeper level than we may have previously believed. Our souls crave sanctuary, communal enjoyment and spaces in which we thrive. The Art Of Sanctification is a gift that was given to me which I joyfully use to create sanctuaries for my clients through my intuition and thoughtful guidance” – Debrah

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